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 Hello, my name is Tom and I am a multiple award-winning illustrator and architecture graduate studying Postgraduate at the Royal College of Art. I specialise in hand-drawn visualisations, illustrations and digital paintings that communicate very strong narratives. My work has won numerous competitions & awards, with features in major architectural publications such as Archisource, Archdaily and Architizer.



My philosophy as an architectural designer treats every place uniquely, building a deep understanding of a site’s landscape, community and social infrastructure to create innovative solutions that truly respond to a site’s needs.

Within Architecture, I have a longstanding interest in landscape architecture, retrofit, and sustainability. These interests have been explored through practical projects, workshops and academic projects.

My current research focuses on restoring the relationship between humans and nature disrupted by modernity. My Master’s thesis proposes the “Civic Garden” as an alternative to the Civic Square as the site of generating community, and through landscape architecture, the project proposes a gradual “erosion” of the architectural grid, which includes the dissolution of the external walls in some of the buildings on site. 


Hand drawing- Very strong

Rhino- Very Strong

Model making- Very strong

Photoshop- Very strong

Sketchup- Very strong

Photography- Very strong

Additive Manufacturing- Very Strong

Illustrator- Very Strong

Indesign- Strong

AutoCAD- Strong

Photogrammetry- Strong

Enscape- Intermediate

Vray- Intermediate

Revit- Novice


Watersprite Film Festival design competition 2015- 1st Prize

Joanna Scott Foundation design competition 2016- 1st Prize

Krob Architecture drawing competition 2017- 1st Round

John Rankin Prize 2017- 1st Prize (Best Sketch Design)

Sheppard Robson Jicwood Prize 2018- 1st Prize (Unique Architectural Viewpoints at BA Level)

Architizer "One Drawing Challenge" 2019- Professional Runner-up & Highly Commended entry

Archisource "Drawing of the Year" 2019- Narrative Award

Architizer "One Drawing Challenge" 2020- Finalist

Archisource "Drawing of the Year" 2022- Special Mention

Architizer Vision Awards 2023 - Special Mention (Computer Aided Drawing Category)

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