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A curation of my academic and speculative architectural projects, which reflects my values and design ethos.  Works from 2016 and onwards.

In non-chronological order.

Click on the images below to discover more about the projects.

Landscaping of the Bata Factory

Gardens in a Factory (2023)

Proposing adapting and reusing the defunct Bata Factory in East Tilbury, Essex. Transforming the site into an educational centre for reconstituting relations between humans and nature, which overcomes the separation introduced by modernity.


Remnants of a Separation (2019)

The project outlines a plan for post-war Aleppo, Syria. It harnesses illustration and memory-infused architecture to unfold a narrative of a future post-war Aleppo through three different future points.

Coloured section compressed.jpg

Establishing the Frontier (2022)

The project explores the "semi-temporary" typology concept by reducing the inequality generated by gentrification. The Centre is proposed for publicly-owned council estates. After fulfilling its purpose, the Centre will relocate or transform to accommodate the community's needs beyond gentrification.

Fragments of Their World (2020)

During conflicts, families are forced to flee their country, seeking refuge across borders in temporary camps. A lack of resources and infrastructure can lead to children losing their freedom to learn, develop and play. The project uses familiarity and the building of essential skills to focus on play as a source of joy for a brighter future. 

concept visual final.jpg
4- ba3 sem 2 iso page full_edited.jpg
Dockers Promenade (2018)

Docker’s Promenade is a cultural centre challenging the growth of Notopia surrounding the Albert Docks, harnessing Liverpools maritime culture of the past, present and future. It consists of 3 fundamental elements: Making Centre, Democratic Space and Boat Park in a strongly defined axis.

St. Bee's Beach Hut (2016)

A competition was held in 2016 by the Joanna Scott Foundation.

The brief required a new form of beach hut that encapsulates the character and culture of St. Bees, which undertakes public realm improvements along the coast.

Thomas Gardner competition submission fixed.jpg
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