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Establishing the Frontier

London has been experiencing a significant rise in housing costs since the late 1990s, leading to the displacement of low-income tenants. It’s widely believed that publicly-owned council estates are one of the last remaining frontiers for gentrification in London. 

Unfortunately, it’s the poor and working-class citizens who are being pushed out of these thriving cities. Rather than halting the creation of wealth, we need to work towards making our economies more inclusive and encompassing.

Despite the abundance of anti-gentrification activism, these efforts and communities have been relatively isolated and hidden from the public eye. To address this issue, the establishment of a semi-temporary anti-institution, such as “Establishing the Frontier”, can serve as a central hub for gentrification frontiers in London. 

The aim is to provide a physical platform for activists, aid in the resistance to gentrification, create a network of knowledge exchange through affected communities, and remove the hierarchy between authorities and corporations with residents by enabling democratic discussion between all parties involved.

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220112 - WIP section corrections hatch_e
220426 - Initial linework - people b.png
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220528 - final plan no scale compressed.png
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220525 - life around the perimeter compressed.png
230831 - Courtyard illustration compressed.jpg
Awards & Prizes
  • Archisource Drawing of the Year (2022) - Special Mention 

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